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Founded in 1995 with its head office in Francavilla Fontana (Italy, province of Brindisi)  
Gruppo Stamplast is a group of companies leader in production and commercialization  
of mainly plastic based and metal goods for the construction industry, furthermore  
building equipment and tools.  
We produce today in 6 plants throughout Italy, all performing modern, quality certified  
and efficient manufacturing. Storage capacities of more than 50,000 square meters  
covered and 100,000 square meters uncovered deposits efficiently complete the production process.  
Our strength is lying in offering complete “Made In Italy” quality, but at the same time cost-efficient solutions for channeling,  
water management, tiling and ventilation, roofing, completed with working tools and labor safety equipment.  
The production cycle of the goods manufactured by Gruppo Stamplast is starting with the prime material, by the production of  
the polymer granules in the site of Rieti, which is also assuring a large independence for the manufacturing of the final goods,  
making us nondependent of third party prime material providers.  
A second, very important part of the process is the concept creation and design of the new products, to which we put a high  
accent following our idea to not only provide quality and durable products, but also goods carrying the best traditions of  
Italian design and style, even in construction. The final design and mold production is following, each finalized mold being  
inserted in the mold park, currently containing more than 600 products, which were made successively in a continuous serial  
in establishments specialized in molding and extrusion.

  • Plumbing & Water Technology
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